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Brief History

The Al Khars Group was founded in the early 70's by Shaikh Ali Hussain Ali Al Khars, Chairman of the organization with simple philosophy of reliability and commitments which made him one of the leading businessmen in Real Estate Industry. His hardwork and dedication to his goals made the organization one of the most successful and reliable business ventures.

10 years back after the completion of higher education from abroad Mr. Hussain Ali Al Khars started his career in his father's business and after short while Hussain Ali Al Khars launched HK Group with well reputed international companies with complete dedication and goal achievement philosophy and extended his business internationally. With a mission to create great value to the community the group keeps its excellence, reliability, dependability & continuity. Shortly the group was engaged in a diverse range of products & services to fulfill today's market requirements and presents the solution of core problems the industry is facing.

Today HK Group operates globally through Joint ventures, Partnerships with well reputed international companies.

Our Vision

The HK Group's Vision is to build Total Value by innovating to deliver consumer value and customer leadership faster, better and more completely than our competition. This Vision is supported by two fundamental principles that provide the foundation for all of our activities: Organizational Excellence and Core Values.

Organization Excellence

Attaining our Vision requires superior and continually improving performance in every area and at every level of the organization. Our performance will be guided by a clear and concise strategic statement for each business unit and by an ongoing Quest for Excellence within all operational and staff functions.

Core Value

As we work toward our Vision, three core Values define the way we operate:


We are dedicated to the highest standards of achievement in all areas of our business. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of both external and internal customers.


Mutual respect and ethical behavior are the basis for our relationships with colleagues, customers and the community. Fair practice is the hallmark of the Company.


We work closely together as one global team to improve the way we do business every day. We communicate openly and establish clear accountability for making decisions, identifying issues and solutions, and maximizing business opportunities.